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Argon gas is a natural gas that is in the air around us. Argon gas is used for example to fill the gaps in the insulating glass units, to improve the glass thermal insulation properties.

Child proofing
Child locks for windows and doors are available in various designs, as an option or standard. Ask what's available for the window you choose. So called reversible windows have a built-in parental control, which comes into operation automatically.

In Sweden, traditionally most of the windows are white. Elitfönster's products can also in most cases be ordered in any NCS- or RAL-colour. White inside and coloured outside is also very popular and achieved in the best and cheapest way with aluminium windows. The windows can also be stained in different colours. The need for maintenance is different between the painted and stained windows. Painted windows usually have longer maintenance intervals than stained, but when maintenance needs to be done, it is relatively time-and labour-intensive. Stained windows have to be checked, and in some exposed locations be  improved on, every year. The maintenance is in turn easier to perform.

When air hits a cold surface and is cooled, the moisture in the air creates water droplets on the cold surface. The water drops is called condensation or fogging. Condensation can occur  on all surfaces, walls, bathroom mirrors, glass with cold liquids, glasses and window panes.

Energy glass
A glass which is coated with an invisible so called low emissivity coating of thin metal oxide, which prevents indoor heat from escaping through the glass. See also Low emissivity coating.

Closing device for windows and doors that lock the sash in the frame.

The frame of the window is the outer frame in which the sash containing the glass is connected with fittings and hinges.

The glass is very important for a window's properties such as thermal insulation, sound insulation and solar protection, privacy (such as the bathroom), personal safety and burglary.

Glazing bars
Glazing bars in windows were originally a method to attach multiple glass panes in a window sash. The method originates from the days when you could only produce small panes. Even when it became possible to manufacture large glass panes, these were during a long time a luxury and therefore applied the rule that the more simple houses, the smaller the glass panes in the windows and also more glazing bars. Although we do not really need to fix the panes using putty and glazing bars, the paned window has become part of our traditional architectural style and is sold today to a large extent. Although modern double- and triple glazed windows are available with traditional glazing bars, or removable glazing bars taken off during cleaning. Another variation on offer is glazing bars fitted inside an insulation glass unit where it is placed between the panes of insulating glass. This will combine a traditional look with modern window benefits.

Glued laminated timber
Glued laminated timber means that two or more thin wooden slats are attached together to give a straight and stable product such as a window frame. The method provides,  in addition to a good product, many production advantages such as minimization of wood consumption and wood waste.


Double or tripleglazed insulationglass window with H-fittings. See REVERSIBLE WINDOW.

Insulating glass unit
An insulating glass (also known as double glazing or insulation glass unit) is two or more single-glass panes glued together and sealed airtight. The spaces between the panes contains dry air or gas. Insulating glass is used in window designs to improve heat and sound insulation properties.

Linked casement windows
Linked casement windows and doors have a double sash, coupled with some form of fittings. When cleaning, the inner and outer sashes are dislodged and the window glass is then cleaned on all four sides. Blinds can be fitted between the sashes. Linked casement windows with a single glass of each sash is called 1+1-design. Linked casement windows with a double-glass insulating glass in the inner sash and a single glass of the outer sash is called 2+1-design. With 2+1 window a very good soundproofing and heat insulation is achieved.

Low emissivity layer
Also known as low energy layer, LE-layer or the like. There is a thin, invisible layer of metal, eg silver oxide which is added to a glass pane of glass to improve thermal insulation properties. Glass that is coated with a low emissivity layer is called energy glass.

Reversible windows
Reversible windows have a unique feature that makes the sash horizontally hinged outside the building façade (known as slide hung). No part of the window enters the room. Both sides of the window can thus be cleaned from inside. The fittings also allow the window to be better balanced and it does not get twisted over time. The opening feature is also known as H-fittings and has a built-in parental control /ventilation lock.

See window sash.

Windows with hinges placed at the side of the sash. Outward or inward opening. Available in all different glass structures such as double- and triple-glazing or linked casement.

A material's ability to dampen noise from the outdoor traffic and other external sources. Measured in decibels (dB). Noise reduction is an increasingly important feature for building materials such as windows, when the noise in our environment increases. Especially for large residential and commercial constructions there are now very high sound reduction requirements. In Elitfönster's catalog are a number of sound solutions to choose from for both homeowners and professional customers.

U-value indicates a window's insulating ability. It is also used for construction materials such as insulation. U-value corresponds to building physics, heat transfer coefficient and is expressed in W/m2 ° C (watts per square meter Kelvin). The lower the U value, the more effective the insulation.

Window sash
Window sash is the window’s opening portion, in which the glass is attached.

Windows are counted wings or sashes. A wing is separated by a window frame. A single window can contain multiple wings, ie more sashes in the same frame.

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