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Elitfönster Vision

Elitfönster Vision was developed to create windows with maximal proportion of glass, that lets in as much daylight as possible. Vision frames the view with a narrow, stylish and sober arch. Aluminium gives the window's rot protected and high quality factory painted wooden parts additional protection against sun, wind and weather and allows them to last longer. An aluminium window is also virtually maintenance free. Very good insulation U-value of 0,9 as standard. As an option, the U-value can be further improved, down to below 0,8. There are also a lot of colours to choose from!



Product information

Productsheet: PDF


Reversible (AVXH): PDF - DWG

Sidehung (AVXS): PDF - DWG

Fixed frame (AVXK): PDF - DWG

Fixed frame with blind sash (AVXKB): PDF - DWG

Top hung (AVXÖ): PDF - DWG

Patio door with narrow sash (AVXD): PDF - DWG

Patio door with original sash (AVXDOB/AVXD2OB):

Declaration of Performance:

Reversible (AVXH): PDF

Sidehung (AVXS): PDF

Fixed frame (AVXK): PDF

Fixed frame with blind sash (AVXKB):

Top hung (AVXÖ): PDF

Patio door with narrow sash (AVXD): PDF

Patio door with original sash (AVXDOB/AVXD2OB):

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