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Window knowledge

To buy windows

In what kind of house will the windows be installed?
Windows are an important character of the house. The same windows are not likely to match a functional style villa as well as as a villa from the turn of the century. You need to choose the look, by looking at our window families.

Why do you want to change windows?

What is your main reason for changing or buying windows? If it due to energy and comfort you have to choose windows with low U-values, ie. good thermal insulation. If you want to change for esthetical reasons you can start looking at what types of windows that suit your house.

Prepare your order

When you have decided what window type best suits your house, it's time to look through the following checklist and take it to your dealer to consult with them.

  • What size do you need?
  • How many windows do you need of each size?
  • What colour do you want? Do you want to have different colours on the outside and on the inside?
  • How do you want to open your windows? Reversible windows are opened outwards and can be turned 180 degrees outside the house.
  • Do you want glazing bars, wooden moulding, ventilators?
  • Do you want to add different fittings, blinds, mosquito nets or other accessories?
  • Do you need fire restistance classed windows or security glass?
  • Do you need matching patio doors or roof windows?
  • Do you need windows in other shapes than normal, round windows or free forms?

To install and maintain windows


The windows must be stored correctly not to be damaged before they are installed in the wall. The basic rule is that the windows should be protected from rainfall, soil moisture or humidity and pollution.


It is not very complicated to install a window and for a professional, it usually takes no more than a few hours per window. If you do not have experience with window replacement, we recommend that you use the help of a carpenter. Talk to your retailer, some may offer installation. Detailed installation instructions can be found here. Take care of your new windows.

Wooden windows must be screened each year. How often you need maintenance varies greatly depending on climate, in which direction the windows are, etc.. Maintenance intervals are often different for the windows in the same house. Wooden windows with exterior aluminium cladding is almost completely maintenance free and will almost never need an exterior repainting, simply wipe with a cloth if necessary. You can read more about the signs showing that the window needs to be serviced, in the detailed handling instructions provided with each window.

Why should I choose wooden windows?

Wood is an unbeatable window material. Therefore, you will always find a stable base of wood in all windows from Elitfönster. Wood is the right choice for the environment and the climate and growing wood binds carbon dioxide for example. Increased use of wood can therefor be a part of a solution to the climate problems attributed to carbon emissions. One cubic meter of wood binds one ton of carbon dioxide.

Wooden windows with aluminum cladding has a long life span, often up to 50 years and a very small carbon footprint. This makes this type of window the best climate investment over time.

When a wooden window with aluminum cladding still wears out, it can be 100% recycled. Other window materials, such as PVC plastic is not biodegradable but are often marketed as recyclable.

Today, however, there is no recycling of PVC windows in Sweden. Globally less than 1% of the PVC used is recovered. Production of PVC is heavy on electricity and thus contribute even more to the greenhouse effect. When manufacturing PVC, a large amount of carbon dioxide is released, but when wood grows it instead ties the carbon dioxide into the material thus reducing emissions.

The manufacture of PVC also results in the release of chlorine and strong toxins, known as dioxins. PVC contains softeners that slowly leak out of the material and can have serious effects on humans. During fires, the PVC in building materials cause big problems because burning PVC emits toxic gases. Overall PVC impacts the environment about 8 times more than wood. Wood is natural, strong, durable and renewable.

Source: TMF Trä- och möbelindustriförbundet.


Our certificates.

Declaration of Performance



What is a warranty?

The warranty protects against so-called initial errors, ie errors that occurred during the manufacturing of the product. A warranty does not apply to defects arising after the goods left the production, for example during transport, improper storage, improper handling or improper installation.  
 The warranty of a window or a door is issued by those selling the product, such as a retailer or a house factory. In a warranty case the notifier always turns to the place where you purchased the item from.


For the warranty to be valid, the window / door needs to be transported, stored, handled, installed and maintained properly and in accordance with Elitfönster's instructions for the installation, care or maintenance manuals, etc.. This is the fact no matter whom you purchased the product from! Damage to the product caused by improper storage, handling, wrongful installation or lack of maintenance is not covered by the warranty. Always follow the instructions in the handling, installation and operating instructions!

Warranty in English and German.

Wood windows, the natural choice

Wood windows give life to your house. Wood is a natural material that can be processed into soft sashes and beautiful glazing bars in a window. Discover our different models of solid wood windows. If you ask us, wood is still the best material for making windows. Even our windows with exterior clad in protective aluminum has a wooden frame. So all Elitfönster windows are built on the same stable base of solid pine. Wood is a natural building material. In houses with a traditional style, the authentic sense of wood should emerge in the form of solid wood windows. Now there is a demand for materials with a natural feeling even in some modern eco-house. Solid wood windows will in other words always be modern.

At Elitfönster you have several options to find the right wood windows in terms of both appearance and function. You can choose between four basic models of solid wood windows. Elitfönster Original Trä is our most modern timber window. It has triple-glazed insulaton units which provide very good energy-saving features and include the reversible window, also known as H-window, which makes it possible to turn around 180 degrees.

So why consider an alternative to timber windows? Well, one reason is to avoid painting the windows. Wood never stop breathing and have to be saturated with paint. But taking good care of the beautiful wooden windows can of course also be a labour of love.

Aluminium windows* are almost maintenance free

Aluminium windows are the choice for those who like colour. At Elitfönster, you may receive the window's exterior in ten standard colours, ie at no extra charge, in addition to white on durable aluminium.

Aluminium windows are virtually maintenance free. Or rather, by installing aluminium windows in the house you will escape most of the maintenance work on the windows. You can just sit down and look outside if you want to, without thinking about renovation, scraping and painting or other maintenance work on the windows.

You can even reduce window cleaning if you take the opportunity to order your Elit windows in wood and aluminum with so-called self-cleaning glass. Then the sunshine and rain will take care of much of your window cleaning for you. Convenient, right? If it's a long time between the showers, or if rain can not reach the windows, you can wash them with a garden hose.

Elit aluminium windows have up to 10 years guarantee against rot for buyers in Sweden! The window frame is vacuum impregnated pine wood with two coats of primer under the top layer of lacquer. Externally, ie against the facade, both frame and sash will have a durable aluminium cladding. The colour is chosen from the 10 colours in the Classic Collection Alu at no additional cost, or if you prefer, NCS-S or RAL colour for an additional charge. Aluminium thus means both convenience and choice.

Elitfönster has four different product lines of aluminium windows. Our most energy efficient window is Elitfönster Passiv which has a U-value as low as 0.8.

Elitfönster Original Alu is now a classic among our aluminium windows. The window is available as slidehung fittings as well as sidehung and fixed frame. The predecessor was called Elit Original Alu.
In addition to maintenance-free aluminium, Elitfönster's aluminium windows have energy-saving triple-glazed insulation glass units as a common standard. Read more about the window's U-value and other properties on this website.

* With Aluminium windows we mean aluminium-cladded windows with a wooden frame.

Triple glazed windows are most energy efficient

Triple glazing is today standard for energy efficient windows. The difference between double glazing is vast, particularly because of the extra air gap between the panes. Triple glazing is the solution for large windows, that used to mean major heat loss in winter. Triple glazed windows now make it possible to build with light and space, which is widely used in modern homes.

You can have windows from floor to ceiling if you have triple glazed windows with low U-values. The term U-value is a measure of the heat-insulating properties of various building materials, such as windows. A low value means that the material insulates well. Elitfönster has several windows with triple glazing and a U-value of 1.0 or lower.

In windows with triple glazing the glass is a merged package. In Elitfönster's windows there are gaps in the triple glazed insulating glass unit that also is filled with insulating argon gas that reduces heat loss. The insulation glass package also have one or more thin layers of metals such as silver oxide, known as low emissivity layer. This is invisible and reflects a significant part of thermal radiation. Insulated glass with low emissivity layer is usually called energy glass whether it be double or triple glazing, even though the energy savings for a triple glazed unit is much better.

Elitfönster has several windows with triple glazing in the model range. Most energy efficient is Elit Passiv, a window with triple-glazed units. The window has a U value of 0.8 and the level of insulation is so great that it works in so-called passive houses that are built to manage the heating most of the year, without adding any thermal energy.

Triple glazing is thus the obvious choice for most people who think of both economy and environment. Thanks to triple glazed windows, you can let in more light without emitting more heat.

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